Supremo New York style pizza slice




Premium Artisan Pizza by the Slice

Tray of Roman style pizza slices
Roman style pizza slice with Prosciutto di Parma, fresh mozzarella cheese, shaved Parmesan, arugula, and extra virgin olive oil


Pizza that is Generations in the Making

Growing up in Italy, our father knew authentic pizza, and when he and our mother opened a pizza restaurant in Long Island, New York in 1977, we learned all about great pizza as well. Working in that first restaurant from age 12, we gained a deep appreciation for the art and science of food, and an even deeper appreciation for the power of a fine meal to bring joy to people’s hearts, and to connect us to each other.

While times have changed since that first restaurant, the passion and dedication that we bring to our craft has not. We only make food that we would serve to our own families, and that we can take pride in cooking and serving to yours.

You only have so many meals, so many moments, in your life - why spend any of them on anything mediocre, unhealthy, unsustainable, or inauthentic?


You don’t have to compromise anymore -- let us provide you with an exceptional meal that expands your horizons and aligns with your values. It is food that makes you feel good and that you can feel good about eating.

New York style Melanzane pizza slice with mozzarella, fresh local breaded eggplant, grated Romano cheese, fresh cooked pomodoro sauce
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You're in good company

“[Their Roman-style pizza] is the probably the best pizza overall that I’ve had in town. The bread is fermented for 72 hours and it’s cooked as ciabatta bread. You get a nice thin crispy outside, soft bubbly inside. Their dough is so good that if you’re the type of person to not eat the crust, you’ll change your mind here! This is what separates them from the rest.”

Margherita Roman style pizza slice with fresh basil