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Spicy sausage and honey Roman style pizza slice with piped mascarpone cheese

Our Story

The Baldinucci name goes back to the Renaissance age, when the famous artist Filippo Baldinucci curated and documented the greatest artists in the world for the Medici family in Tuscany. Since then, generations of Baldinucci have found their passion in art and food, including our father, Enrico Baldinucci, who was born in Italy and who worked in fashion before opening his own pizzeria in Long Island, New York, in 1977.

Growing up in that pizzeria, we learned the craft at a young age, and over four decades in the business, we took in additional lessons from an entire generation of Italian-American pizzaioli who created delicacies that much of the country has yet to discover. 

We combined our family legacy, our culinary influences, experiences from around the world, and fresh, local ingredients to bring you a modern version of Roman style pizza that blends food and art. We share the inspiration behind each creation and provide an elevated pizza experience that is delicious, healthy, sustainable, and convenient. 

At Baldinucci, our vision is to provide you with the world’s best dining in a quick, beautiful slice. Visit us and let our family elevate your pizza experience. 


Salvatore, Patricia, and Gabriel Baldinucci

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Meet the Baldinuccis

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Salvatore has 33 years of experience in the pizza industry as an owner, manager, and pizzaiola. He is the head executive chef and has a deep knowledge of different pizza styles.

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Patricia has 25 years of experience in the pizza industry as an owner, manager, and pizzaiola. She runs business operations and is also an executive chef.

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Gabriel has decades of experience founding new companies, his first being in the pizza business. He leads marketing and finance and has an MBA from Stanford University.

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